Teal Flamingos (No To O)

Spread awareness and help the flock flourish in your yard.

One Pair of Teal Flamingos

Now you can help spread awareness and support finding a cure for ovarian cancer. Purchase a pair of birds. Place one in your yard and share one with a friend, neighbor or a family member. Help the flock of awareness flourish!

$ 50.00

 ~ Our Mission Is to raise awareness about ovarian cancer and to help women diagnosed with it enjoy a better quality of life.  To accomplish this mission, we conduct a number of activities including:

- Funding collaborative research efforts focused on preventing and curing ovarian    cancer.        

- Providing support (through local cancer services) for women diagnosed with ovarian     cancer.

Welcome to No to O's Teal Flamingos! 

No to O is an organization started by Jeanie Ebert and her friend Charlotte Ruth, both victims of ovarian cancer.  They wanted to increase awareness of this deadly disease and help other women as they stand strong against the sometimes terrible effects of treatment.  To make their mission more visible, they decided to "flock the yard" of the Historic Broyhill Building (in Clemmons, NC) with teal flamingos,  since teal is the color of ovarian cancer awareness.  Their idea was a great success!  

You can make a donation and receive your own pair of teal flamingos to help us raise awareness and show support of people facing the disease.  You can support "flocking the yard" at the Broyhill Building, or you can get your own teal flamingos to put in your yard or in the yard of your friend(s).

You can even adopt your own flock!