Teal Flamingos (No To O)

Spread awareness and help the flock flourish in your yard.

About Us

About No To O - notoo.org



  •  Ovarian cancer is the deadliest of all gynecologic cancers. Survival rates have  changed little in 35 years, so we need to increase awareness!
  •  Knowing the symptoms of ovarian cancer is important - we provide  information about what to look for.
  •  Support and knowledge are integral to fighting this disease. We provide  websites about ovarian cancer that are relevant and informative.


  • Flock the Yard – This is our annual fundraiser. Adopt a teal flamingo for $20; support No to O.  Each ” adopted”  flamingo will be placed in the front yard of the Broyhill Historic Events Center in Clemmons, NC with your (or your business') name on it.


  •  Our primary goal is to provide ovarian cancer patients/survivors with more  individual help while they are navigating treatments, which can often  be very challenging.
  •  Raising awareness and funds for much needed ovarian cancer research  allows us to help bring an end to this terrible disease. Although ovarian  cancer isn't as widespread as breast cancer, few people are aware that it is  the fifth most deadly cancer and the tenth most prevalent one

about us

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